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Name: Hassan Bawab

Company: Magic Logix

How can ASPIRE readers connect with you? MagicLogix.com

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are working on right now? 

I am the founder and CEO of Magic Logix, a Dallas-based digital marketing agency. We help businesses expand their online presence through engaging sites, social media campaigns and SEO. In addition to working on a variety of sites around the world, our team of developers is creating a new photo sharing concept. We’re excited to roll that out soon.

How did you come up with the idea for your product or business? 

I have always loved and worked on web projects. When I worked for FedEx, I was building sites on the side and I discovered that was my real passion, so I began Magic Logix in 2005.

What does a normal day look like for you? 

It starts early and ends late. My team knows they can expect an email from me at any time of day. Since I am involved in every project, I want to stay on top of our progress and any issues. That means I’m in and out of everyone’s offices, learning how we’re doing.

If you had to start from scratch, how would you create fast BUZZ and spread the word about your product or service? 

I would make sure to have an active public relations campaign from the start. You don’t have to wait until you work with a certain number of clients to announce you’re on the scene. Grab a megaphone and go!

Why does the world need your product or business? 

Everyone is on the internet these days. Everyone wants to connect with customers. Our team creates beautiful, functional sites that build business. That’s why you need Magic Logix.

What emerging trend do you think has the greatest potential to reshape the way we do business in the next 1 – 2 years? 

I am most excited about Responsive Web Design. Seeing so many large companies get on board with effectively reaching customers who have gone mobile is a great start. Smaller companies are seeing the value of this as well and Magic Logix is focusing on creating RWD sites for our clients.

What are your ‘must have’ apps and favourite online tools/resources? 

Our team has recently implemented Basecamp. It’s an extremely effective way of keeping us in the loop on all our projects. We are also very proud of being a Marketo partner. Their sales and marketing software is a tremendous tool for businesses looking to manage and grow leads.

What book(s) would you recommend for ASPIRE readers?

How to Make Your Business Run Without You. If I build a strong team we’ll have a strong company. If I’m away at a trade show or presenting at a conference, I’m totally confident that Magic Logix will run like a well-oiled machine.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?  

Remarkably simple, but plan your work and work your plan. I have a plan for my business and I ask my team members to create a plan for themselves as well. It helps us all realize how we contribute to Magic Logix’s success, both as individuals and as a team.

What do you ASPIRE to in business and in life? 

I aspire to become the go-to firm when businesses want to grow their brand and influence online.



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